My Perfect Wife

In Memory of Erral Lea Plymate

September 18, 1928   -   July 4, 2003

     A web-based personalized memorial is our way of expressing memories of Erral for all time, and making them accessible for everyone to see.  This came about after lengthy discussions between her husband, Glenn Plymate, and children, Debra, Jeff, and Claude.  It was Claude who gave us the idea for creating a website.

     These several pages show Erral's life and the extraordinary woman she was.  She was beautiful, talented, and exceptionally devoted to her family.  Married to Glenn for more than 56 years, it came to an end too soon.  But we should not grieve.

Don't cry because it's over;

smile because it happened.

     The words on these pages have been written by Glenn, in harmony with Debra and with encouragement from Jeff and Claude.

     If you have any comments or questions you'd like to ask, please email me:  Thanks so much for stopping by.


                                                MEMORIAL ENDOWMENT

Founded in 2003, the Erral Lea Plymate Memorial Endowment at the AOPA Foundation
 is now at a level 
of $777,528.  Planning will soon be underway for building the Endowment to an even higher level, with a goal of $1,000,000.  Earnings from the Endowment are dedicated to air safety education and flight training scholarships.  A more robust Endowment will enable expanding the flight training portion.  And an expansion program is currently in the planning phase.

In 2011, to honor Erral, AOPA established a flight training scholarship in her name -- the Erral Lea Plymate Memorial Flight Training Scholarship -- to help student pilots pursue their dreams of flying.  A $5,000 scholarship was awarded to a deserving applicant at AOPA Summit in September 2011.  AOPA promised "This will be awarded annually for an indefinite period."  In March 2012 a $5,000 scholarship was awarded at Sun 'n Fun to Glen Wenzel from North Carolina who has now earned his Private Pilot License.  Another scholarship was given at AOPA Summit in September 2013.  This went to Tyler Stidham, a high school student  from Ohio, who has completed his training and now has a Private Pilot License.  A fourth scholarship was awarded in October 2014 at the AOPA Homecoming in Frederick, Maryland.

These awards are inspiration for even more aspiring aviators to become pilots and will build a stronger future for America as the world leader in aviation and space.

This year there will be FIVE flight training scholarships sponsored by the Memorial Endowment.  Details will be available at the AOPA website in May 2015.

Click on for flight training scholarship details.

Seven years ago when 2008's economic catastrophe raised havoc, a bill that allowed tax-free gifts to be made from IRAs presented a unique opportunity.  Operation Phoenix was conceived; matching funds were pledged for donations and the Erral Lea Plymate Memorial Endowment -- as if rising from the ashes of financial disaster, soared to an undreamed of level.  The key was an innovative gift-matching program.  You can see how it began by clicking on Triple Play

Support of the air safety mission can be expressed by joining the generous donors shown on Page 10, Memorial Endowment.  To make a tax-free gift, you can use a printable form or call Agnes Macdonald, Director of Development Administration, AOPA Foundation (301) 695 2112. 

Erral's website is continually under development and several pages are yet to be completed.  A photo album is at the bottom of Page 8, "Full Circle-Back to Oregon". 

There is also a brief story of Erral's flight training and one about our away-from-home retreat with our plane, "Fly-In Beach Cabin" on Page 6, "Three Kids Added".

More text and pictures are in the works.  Please stop by whenever you can.

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